Label printing equipment in book printing china

Label printing equipment in book printing china
Not only the book printing china, label printing is also important. Label printing equipment is divided into three categories: flexo printing, more common in North America. Flexo mainly, embossment as a supplementary way, favored by European users. Embossed printing as the main, flexo printing as the auxiliary way is the first choice in the asia-pacific region.

1. Letterpress label printing equipment
The production of letterpress rotary pressure adhesive label equipment belongs to the satellite continuous paper printer. The coating amount is determined by the number of anilox roller lines, not affected by pressure and printing speed, to ensure the consistency of printing product.
Flat pressing intermittent paper label printing equipment is also a common label printing equipment. Equipment installed UV drying unit, the use of UV ink, expand the label printing range, improve the printing speed, eliminating the process of mulching.

2. Flexo sticker label printing equipment
This kind of equipment is a narrow flexo printer, the equipment has two characteristics:
1) Use UV ink instead of water-based ink, UV ink stability, avoid frequent cleaning plate and ink system
2) Non-film direct laser plate making technology is widely used, which avoids the loss of small dots and the merging of large dots, improves the image level, and greatly improves the picture and text clarity and printing quality.

3. Die-cutting equipment
Web paper rotary die-cutting machine can not only process printed adhesive label drum material, can be directly die-cutting blank labels and folding or cutting leaflets, high efficiency and precision.
Sheet-fed flat pressing flat die-cutting machine production sticker, all is in flat pressing flat hand moving die-cutting machine die-cutting, not suitable for adhesive materials, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, die-cutting quality. Such equipment will be phased out.

Flexographic printing equipment, especially UV flexographic printing equipment, in the adhesive label printing field of the number will increase rapidly, domestic equipment market share and quality level will also be greatly improved. The main reason is the rapid development of plate making technology, flexo printing market supporting services more perfect, label printing market more standardized.

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