What is the eco-friendly printing process in book printing China

For book printing in China, eco-friendly printing refers to a printing method that uses environmentally friendly materials and processes, produces less pollution during the printing process, saves resources and energy, and is easy to recycle after the printed matter is discarded, can be naturally degraded, and has a small impact on the ecological environment.
For the book printers in China, eco-friendly printing requires that the Chinese book printing process should be coordinated with the environment, including the use of environmentally friendly printing materials, a clean printing production process, the safety of printed materials to users, and the recycling and recycling of printed materials. That is, the entire life cycle of printed matter from raw material selection, production, use, and recycling should meet environmental protection requirements.

What are the characteristics of eco-friendly printing?
Reduction and moderation, non-toxic and harmless, pollution-free are the three main characteristics of eco-friendly in Chinese printing.
Reduction and moderation:
In Chinese book printing processes, reduction and moderation refer to moderate in book printing with the least amount and the most simplified process under the conditions of meeting the functions of information identification, protection, convenience, and sales.
Non-toxic and harmless:
Non-toxic and harmless means that the printing book materials should not contain toxic substances. Or the content of toxic substances should be controlled below the relevant standards.
Pollution-free means that during the entire life cycle of printed books, there should be no pollution or pollution to the environment. That is, from choicing the book printing materials, book printing processing, and the whole production process from use, waste recycling and regeneration to final disposal should not cause public hazards to humans and the environment.
What are the requirements for book printing materials in Chinese eco-friendly printing?
1.Eco-friendly printing requires water-based or light-curing glazing oil.
2.Eco-friendly printing requires plant powder spraying.
3.Eco-friendly printing requires water-based film-coating adhesive for instant coating film adhesive.
4.Eco-friendly printing requires that the ink, varnish, blanket, and adhesive must not be added with 6 kinds of phthalates.
5.The limit for cyclohexanone in the limit of harmful substances in eco-friendly printing products is ≤1.0mg/㎡.
6.Eco-friendly printing puts forward limit requirements for 24 kinds of toxic and hazardous substances contained in printed matter: mainly including 8 kinds of soluble elements and 16 kinds of volatile organic compounds remaining on printed matter.
7.The amount of alcohol added in the fountain solution used in printing book activities should be ≤5%.
8.In the limit of harmful substances in lithographic book printing, xylene is required to be ≤0.25mg/㎡.
9.Recycled paper is paper produced by processing waste paper as raw material, shredding, decolorizing and pulping, and then processed through a variety of complex processes.

The environmentally friendly printing industry chain mainly includes the environmentally friendly printing in the printing materials, printing graphic design, green plate-making technology, green printing technology, green post-press processing technology, environmentally friendly printing equipment, printed matter recycling and regeneration, etc. Through the implementation of environmentally friendly printing, the entire supply chain system including printing materials, processing, application and consumption can enter a virtuous circle.

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