Sidi Boumediene Mosque

Sidi Boumediene Mosque

Sidi Abu Madyan Mosque (Arabic: مسجد شعيب أبو مدين‎) or the Worshipper's Mosque (Arabic: مسجد العباد‎) is a historic Islamic religious complex In Tlemcen, Algeria, dedicated to the influential Sufi saint Abu Madyan. Abu Madyan was hailed from Seville and contributed greatly to the spread of tasawwuf in the Maghreb region.

The complex contains several religious buildings including the mosque, mausoleum, madrasa and the hamam. The mosque was founded in 1339, and resembles Sidi al-Hulawi Mosque which was built in 1335 greatly in its shape. The madrasa was founded eight years after the mosque, where Ibn Khaldun had taught once.[1] Dar al-Sultan palace was established as well in the lower point of the complex, where the sultans stayed during their visit to the mosque.[2]

The mosque has the main entrance resembling that of the several other Moorish architectures from Córdoba to Kairouan. The entrance leads to the gallery of plaster paintings. On top of the dome exists muqarnas. It continues to the stairs which resemble that of the Puerta del Sol, Toledo. The wooden doors are decorated with bronze, and they lead to the sahn with the fountain in the middle and surrounded by corridors and prayer hall.

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