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The constitute of catalog printing china
With the increase of fierce competition in society, from all walks of life to enterprises to enhance market competitiveness, and strengthen brand strength, can use different forms to expand the company's external publicity. Catalogue printing china can be divided into company image catalog and company product catalog. Catalog printing can be very funny, or die cutting can be invented a strange element of spatial planning, pay attention to and look for dealing with special needs in the process of planning, so that your catalog printing was successful.

Catalog printing usually reflects the spirit of the enterprise, and the focus is to live in the image, supplemented by products. First, determine the creative positioning, design style and industry positioning, and then layout design, picture selection, photography and other means to shape the overall imagination of the enterprise. Catalogue printing china, periodicals and picture albums should reflect the functions, characteristics, USES and services of the products, and design from the positioning of the enterprise and the characteristics of the products to determine the positioning of the product style.

Catalog printing conform to the identity of the reader's social status, knowledge level, gender and age, etc. The composition of catalog printing must have tight logic, to express the theme to be clear, clear, brochure printing to unify and coordinate the overall style, want to have common elements, partial or all pages of the specific format design should have change, not thousands of pens are to achieve unity have change, change in unity, harmony, perfect visual effect.

Enterprises often need high-end books, catalogue printing china, which can promote the cultural characteristics of the enterprise and the image of the enterprise. High-end brand catalog design have a lot of requirements in many aspects, typography, picture selection, color use and so on. Catalog printing can be very good experience of high sense.

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