Algérie - Tourisme Divers


November 2008

i was visiting algeria after 6 years of being away of my beloved country,
i stayed at alger with my family and they were invited to a wedding in setif , so i decided to go in order to see the traditional wedding of setif.and to visit my wilaya "jijel" .

our journey started thursday morning , we were up so early we have already prepared our luggage and have put them in the car, we passed by different wilayas i was trying to keep track of thm but i totally got lost because i don't know so much about algeria's geography.

we reached setif after about 4 hours of beautiful landscapes and mountains , and so many diffrent geological phenomena .. we were going higher and higher as we approched setif . then it becomes this big plane land with civilization has already found her way to it.

As we went inside the Ville of setif there was a fountain that if a person drinks of it will grant that this person comes back to setif.. i did not drink of its water bt i will make sure to go back to that wonderful place again.

i can't go through all of the details of my stay at setif because i will need so many pages to do so but i must highlight some of the things that made setif a place to remember ;

first of all the hospitability of its people , they are so kind , so generous and lovely .
the second thing is the dialect , it is so diffrent and great .
their songs are just heavenly .. their food is awsome :)

i just loved this city
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