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The Algerian local administration is the main axis in the development process and provides public
service for citizen also direct contact with them.
The local administration has the power and competence in various fields which path the way to a
direct influence on the political, economic and social conditions prevailing in society and State.
Its role is improving and presenting public services through facilitating the administrative proce-
dures and develop the conditions related to the reception of citizen and ensure their problems as
well as develop mechanisms and modern offices in order to keep abreast of the latest developments
in the field of administration by digitized it than change it toward electronic management in the
provision of services than, create network ground to data represented in the national registry of the
automation of vehicles and the National Registry of the automation of the civil registry.
All these actions have been reflected in the performance of the public service in positive way,
where the local headquarters knew a low pressure at the level of the interest of the localsituation ,
administrative and service agencies, the disappearance of queues and the administration's close
proximity to the citizen by effectively exempting him from submitting many documents and And
the citizen can set up appointments and request remote files such as biometric passport and bio-
metric identification card by calling the call center and see the instructions and instructions. He can
also withdraw the application form for the passport and the card Driver's license application form,
vehicle numbering application form and more directly from the official website of the Ministry of
Interior and Local Communities.
Keywords: The local administration-The public service-The electronic management

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