"Agriculture" is an international Open-access, peer-reviewed journal, published semi-annually by Ferhat ABBAS University, Setif1. It is a multidisciplinary journal concerned with all aspects of agricultural world and rural society; a place of scientific information and debate, it is open to any author from several scientific disciplines in relation. It aims to bring together researchers, institutions, practitioners and actors from the rural community.

The aim of the journal "Agriculture" is to collect scientific knowledge in the whole field defined in its title. Agriculture refers to all the know-how and activities of conservation and transformation of the natural environment for the cultivation of plants and animals as well as agricultural development policies. The journal welcomes contributions on all aspects of agriculture, in its broadest sense, and publishes articles analyzing the relationship between agronomy and related disciplines: Biology, Hydrology, Ecology, Biotechnology, Climatology, Rural Economics and Soil science.

It publishes original research, literature reviews, thematic updates, scientific literature, short papers, comparative articles, and conference proceedings. The main objective of the journal is to communicate scientific progress, disseminate new scientific research, present work such as that leading to quantification and modeling, without neglecting classical studies.

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