What are the folding methods of brochure printing

What are the folding methods of brochure printing

Brochure Printing is similar to book binding, the publicity hinge has both the integrity of the cover and the integrity of the content, which is one of its own, which is loved by businesses and consumers. Compared with the single page, the display content of the publicity folding page is richer, and compared with the publicity album, the folding page is more environmentally friendly. The advantages and characteristics of folding benefit from its folding mode. For this, biyin market network summarizes the common folding modes of folding for your reference.

Leaflet folding is a common type in brochure printing, but compared with leaflet pages, there are many kinds of folding methods and more precautions. In order to let you have a more comprehensive, intuitive and specific understanding of folding methods, biyin market network summarizes and describes several common folding methods and displays them intuitively with drawings.

If the thickness of the folded paper exceeds 0.16mm or the paper after polishing, the folding operation can be done only after pressing the line, so as to reduce the breakage of the paper. However, it can not be guaranteed that the paper will not break after pressing the line. The paper with a thickness of more than 0.25mm can only be folded in half by pressing the line, and cannot be folded more times. For sizes below 16K, complex folding cannot be made.

1、 Fold in half, that is, fold in half according to the center line from the middle of the fold.

2、 30% off. Divide the length of the fold into three parts on average and fold it inwards along the axis of symmetry, which is the inner triple fold, also known as the wrap center fold; Similarly, folding outward along the axis of symmetry is the outer three fold, also known as Z-shaped fold or parallel fold.

3、 Double fold (four fold) brochure printing, also known as double fold. Just repeat the single fold in half procedure twice.

4、 Organ folding, a folding method similar to a fan, is named for its similarity to an organ, also known as parallel folding. Each fold is parallel to each other, and the folding direction determined by the two adjacent folds is exactly the opposite. It is usually less than six pages. The common organ folds are 30%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 7, etc. there are also 12 folds. However, the more folds, the more losses. We must pay attention to this.

5、 The door closing fold is generally a double door fold, which is symmetrical. Fold the paper in half from the left and right sides to the center, and the creases are parallel to each other, just like two closed doors.

6、 A scroll fold, consisting of 4 or more pages, which are folded inward successively, so the width of the page must be gradually increased to facilitate folding.

7、 Cross folding is to fold left and right first, and then vertically. After opening, you can see the cross line, so it is called cross folding. Cross folding can also be divided into cross 2-fold, cross 3-fold and cross 4-fold.

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